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Walt’s Restaurant, A Caseville Institution

In 1966…

  • Lyndon Johnson was president
  • A first-class stamp was a nickel
  • Notre Dame & Michigan State tied for the NCAA football title
  • Walt’s Restaurant began in Caseville.
Walt’s During Cheeseburger Festival

This is a beloved local institution in the Upper Thumb and owned by the same family for 50 years. The restaurant celebrated its golden anniversary in 2016. Favored by locals and sought out by tourists, Walt’s is considered one of the top breakfast places in the Thumb. The servers can come with an attitude that can come off as snarky but is good-natured. Offers good American-style breakfast with homemade bread and jams.

Even Google Maps Found Walt’s

Walt’s is one of the go-to places during Cheeseburger in Caseville. They set up operations just outside the restaurant. They offer some of the best burgers in Caseville year around. Even for breakfast!

Another treat, if they are making it. Is Walt’s famous sweet rolls. Offered during Lent and other special occasions, these are worth rolling into town for. Served with maple syrup, they a unique pastry that is great for a meal when available.

Insider hint; Walts Restaurant used to be cash-only, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced the conversion to take debit and credit cards. Currently, Walts is offering curbside take-out. If Walt’s offers their famous homemade perogies, get them! If you really want a hamburger at 8 am, they can set you up. Their $7 lunch specials are also a great comfort food that is “smothered and covered.”

Best Breakfast Places in the Upper Thumb – The Upper Thumb is blessed with sandy beaches, fun places to visit and great inexpensive places to eat. Besides Walt’s Restaurant, we compiled a listing of the top restaurants, grills, bakeries, and bars that offer breakfast. These are the top-rated places to go for your morning meal according to the travel sites Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Shocker, the Best Cheeseburger is Not in Caseville – Clean, comfortable and friendly, are the first thoughts that came to mind as we settled into this little bar located well away from Caseville. The pub has an open floor plan and is well lit without being overbearing. Our server came in within a minute and we ordered an ice-cold Molson draft. “So cold your teeth ached.”, one of us noted. They also make some of the best cheeseburgers in the Thumb.

Bay Port’s Fish Sandwich Festival – The Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival is the granddaddy of them all. Since 1978 folks come in and lined up for a fish sandwich that “takes two hands to hold one.

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  1. When was it Walt & Dort’s? That’s what I remember first. You’re right, the waitresses can intimidate visitors with big city requests! I’ve seen it with delight! And they were my guests!

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