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Mackinac Bridge

I started Thumbwind Publications in 2009 when the installation of industrial wind turbines by utility companies was underway in Michigan’s Thumb. Now the entire three-county region is designated as the Wind Energy Capital of the Great Lakes. My family had a farm near Bad Axe in Colfax township and since I was born, I’ve been … Read more

Superman Ice Cream: 6 Crazy Questions About The History Of Michigan’s Favorite Frozen Treat

Superman Ice Cream

.Visit just about any ice cream parlor in Michigan, and you will find a strange mixture of blue, red, and yellow among the Moose Tracks, Rocky Road, Chocolate, and Vanilla. It’s the famous Superman Ice Cream that you heard about. It’s named after a well-known superhero that wears the three colors on his outfit. Local legend said that a brewery put the flavors together in Detroit during prohibition in the 1930s.

Bet Ya Don’t Know – Factoids You Need To Know About The 8 Great Lakes States


The shores along the Great Lakes states are a majestic sign of creation. Many who see it for the first time say it looks like an ocean. But, unfortunately, they are too large across the horizon. Nearly 51,000 square miles of the world’s surface area is covered by Lake Superior, among the largest lakes in North America.