7 Secrets to Learn About the Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point

Across Saginaw Bay from Michigan’s Thumb sits one of the prettiest lighthouses in Michigan.

The Michigan History Center has produced a video that offers viewers a virtual tour of climbing the lighthouse tower. As each step is made up of the tower, bits of history and fascinating design and functional aspects of the lighthouse are revealed. In the end, there is a little test you can take to on seven of the little aspects of the Tawas Point Lighthouse.

The Sad Truth About Florida’s Gamble Mansion & Plantation Before and During the Civil War

Gamble Mansion North View

The Gamble Plantation is an obscure yet fascinating attraction showing the role Florida played in the Civil War and how slavery propped up the economy of the Confederacy.

The romanticized view of the old south belays the fact that the Gamble plantation was an economic failure.