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Port Austin’s Bird Creek County Beach Shut Down Again Due To E.coli Presence

The Huron County Health Department, under the direction of Environmental Health Director Tip MacGuire, is committed to ensuring public safety in its public spaces. One area of major concern is the quality of water in one of it’s beaches, Bird Creek County Beach with a particular focus on levels of E.coli.

The Importance of Bathing Beach Sampling

To maintain the highest standards of public health, the Huron County Health Department periodically collects samples from different bathing beaches. These samples are evaluated based on:

  • Composite sample collection at three to six feet of water
  • E.coli colony count not exceeding 300 colonies per 100 ml of water

This rigorous process helps ensure that the public can safely enjoy the county’s beautiful bathing beaches without any health concerns.

Latest Sampling Results

In the latest bathing beach sample results, Bird Creek Village Park Bathing Beach exceeded acceptable levels of E.coli. As a precautionary measure, the beach has been temporarily closed for public safety.

For Any Questions or Clarifications

In case of any queries or difficulties, please reach out to Tip MacGuire at 989-269-3329, or Andrea at 989-269-3308.


The Huron County Health Department’s commitment to public safety and transparency is evident in its periodic updates about the water quality of its bathing beaches. It’s important for all residents to stay informed about these updates to ensure a safe and enjoyable beach experience.

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