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Michigan T-Shirts – Thumbwind Partners With An Exciting Bestselling Lifestyle Brand

“When we saw the Midwest State of Mind, its vision & its designs, we knew we wanted to partner with them,” said Michael Hardy of Thumbwind Publications. “It was several years ago that we had our own brand of Michigan T-shirts under Thumbwind-Mercantile; however, it wasn’t our focus, and we decided to back away from trying to develop an apparel line.”

“Midwest State of Mind apparel & accessories are all about celebrating everything special in the Midwest. People love their designs…it is a natural fit for us. It will be the only apparel brand you will see on our network of sites, and we are excited to share it with our readers.”

Midwest State of Mind makes t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, bags & hats.

Michigan T-shirts

“The Lakeshore hoodie is super soft so are the Midwest Tradition tees. Their Champion Wind & Rain packable jackets are amazing…and if you love leggings, the Everyday Yoga leggings are head turners”, said Hardy.

Each state has its own design in the Midwest State of Mind brand. This way, the Midwest is connected, and each state has its own individuality. Its an ideal place to look for special Michigan T-Shirts to round out your travel wardrobe.

“We grew up and had our family in the Midwest,” said Midwest State of Mind co-founder Brian Lewis. “We love it. We wanted to create a brand to connect it with those who love it. The people are special, and the four seasons are special…cities, towns & villages are all unique with special friendly people. Every piece of apparel is designed to celebrate this. I just heard from a customer who said she is going to ‘frolic all summer on the beach wearing our hoodies and t-shirts.’ That is precisely why we created the brand.

“We are excited to partner with Thumbwind because they know the Midwest is special, Michigan T-Shirts are special, and they know their readers and followers feel the same way,” said Lewis.

About Thumbwind Publications

Thumbwind Publications started in 2009 specifically to offer coverage of the Wind Farm development in Michigan’s Thumb. Since that time it has grown to cover news, history, things to do, and places to see in Michigan with a particular focus on the tip of the Thumb. We have partnered with Porcupine Press in Michigan’s UP and the Minden City Herald for editorial content.

Today Thumbwind offers content marketing IT support, local information, history, and news on a half dozen other online sites covering various areas. These include Thumbwind.com, TwoVerbs.com, Michigan4You.com, Outdoorskillz.com, UpperThumb.com, and Ora-Labora.org.

About Midwest State of Mind

We’ve lived & loved the Midwest our entire lives. Friendly. Diverse. Four seasons. Glorious summers, colorful falls, winter wonderlands & spring rebirth. Incredible cities & quaint towns. Foodie towns, beach towns & bike towns. Art fairs, film festivals. Museums, parades, rivers, streams, lakes & forests. Whenever you wear a tee, hoodie, or leggings or take our tote to your favorite café, gym, or yoga studio, you have a piece of the Midwest with you.

Our Thoughts on Michigan T-Shirts

Midwest State of Mind is a brand created to celebrate the Midwest. Each piece of apparel is designed to celebrate each state’s uniqueness. The brand has partnered with Thumbwind, who know the Midwest is unique to them and their readers and followers.

In short, we are excited to see where the Thumbwind partnership takes us. The brand spreads like wildfire thanks to this partnership and the ties to loved-by-all Michigan. We hope you visit our website or bookmark us so that you will always have a place to find everything Bestselling Lifestyle Brand for the Midwest State of Mind.

The Midwest State of Mind brand is designed to bring everyone together, from all different walks of life and states. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin – come celebrate with us!”

Malcom Mott

Malcom Mott is our junior editor and contibrutes outside publications to various sites at Thumbwind Publications. He is also editor at AITrueReview.

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