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5 Essential Tips From LetsGradeIt Writers on How to Write an Essay

Briefly speaking, the goal of an academic essay is to convince an audience through reasoned discourse. Essays advance ideas and help students improve their research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. No matter how skilled you consider yourself, there is always something new to learn or some aspect of your qualifications to refine. Let’s discover the best ways how to write an essay.

how to write an essay

That is why we decided to share the essential tips from top writers at LetsGradeIt, a market leader in reviewing the quality of online essay writing services. The tips are based on years of experience, practice, and constant learning. They will help make your essay writing more focused, clear, and compelling.

Applicable requirements and instructions

This vital aspect is overlooked. Not because people don’t read the college requirements or tutor instructions but because they often tend to make unwarranted assumptions about expectations. If you get the requirements wrong, you set yourself up for imminent failure, no matter how robust and rigorous your essay will look.

Take the time to study the requirements and instructions carefully. Make notes to identify the key aspects, such as word limit, required format, sources to use, and others. These vary depending on whom you are writing for. 

As the best paper writing services reviews reveal, academic essays get students high grades only when writers comply with the related requirements and instructions. This is what professionals do. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to do the same.

Getting organized

Now that you are clear on the expectations, you should devise a structure. Essentially, this is a skeleton of your end product. It should include all the critical pieces, such as an introduction, main body, and conclusion. At this stage, it helps to develop your main thesis. This is what you will be arguing for or validating through reasoning. 

You might need to alter it as you go through your sources of data and research, but it is good practice to have a working thesis handy right from the start.

Choosing the appropriate writing style

You should pick your academic writing style depending on your goal, audience, and requirements. There are four significant styles you can choose from. The descriptive style helps share a piece of information. As such, it is the simplest form of writing style because it requires no advanced analytical or critical thinking skills. All you need to do is to be objective and fact-based.

The analytical style is appropriate for introducing and analyzing the findings of other research pieces. When you opt for the persuasive style, you will be expected to add your take on things. It is not sufficient to review other opinions; you should add yours too. Regarding the critical style, it is best to use it when you need to analyze and interpret multiple sources and views, including yours. This is the most advanced and challenging type of academic writing.  

Selecting sources of information

Selecting your sources of information and data is also extremely important because they constitute the factual basis of your arguments. If you get the sources wrong, you are likely to get your conclusions wrong too. Be careful and purposeful in your choice of data sources. 

If unsure, ask your tutor or more experienced fellow students for advice and guidance. You can also make the most of the writing tips shared by professional writers and experts.

Editing and proofreading

You can spoil the best of your essays if you are lax about your grammar and spelling. Invest heavily in cleaning up your final products of typos and errors that will significantly lower your grades. If you are not great at spelling or grammar, don’t hesitate to use numerous online resources to pull it off.

Key Takeaways On How to Write an Essay

Writing a compelling essay is a challenging task. It requires lots of practice, consistency, and dedication to master the skill of writing academic essays that can get you high grades. The good news is that you don’t need to enter uncharted territory with your assignments. There is a lot of experience and learning accumulated in the academic world. 

If you are smart about using the tips of professional writers, you can make a lot of progress in a relatively short period. Don’t be discouraged by getting a lot of criticism in the beginning. The silver lining of any criticism is that you can turn it into a learning experience. Never give up, make incremental improvements, and you will achieve surprising proficiency before you know it.

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