Covid Impact Survey

Thumbwind’s Covid Survey Looks For Issues and Impact

Today is a very unique day. We are sending out a covid survey.

I was loath sending out emails. However, today was different. A few minutes ago I sent out an email to over 10,000 of our readers asking for their views on how they have been impacted by the Covid pandemic.

The reason is personal. Within the past couple of weeks, Covid has touched many people in our family circle. A member of my immediate family has had it and thankfully recovered. Others are waiting for test results. Several of our close friends and colleagues have had it. The pandemic has affected our lives, work, relationships and so much more.

If you’re reading this, you are part of our large community, and I hope you will consider spending a few moments taking a short survey on the issues and impact of the Covid Pandemic on your daily life.

Your answers will be tabulated anonymously and the results summarized in an upcoming post which you will be invited to see before the general public. 

Take the Covid Issues and Impact Survey

The survey is hosted on Mailchimp. Please start the survey by clicking on the link below:

Covid Issues and Impact Survey

or copy and paste this link to your preferred browser.

Thank you in advance for your time and I hope you continue to enjoy

Michael Hardy

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