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8 Things International Students Should Know About Living And Holiday Travel In Michigan

Michigan is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. It is a place you will remember for a long time. Not surprisingly, it has everything your soul desires. Do you love cars and the things that go with them? Or maybe you prefer fishing and hunting? What about kayaking, canoeing, campfire evenings, and hiking? Or do you like beautiful landscapes and views? Then this location is for you. From the most experienced traveler to the first-time visitor, Michigan is a paradise for everyone. The place has become more and more popular as a family holiday destination. This article discusses Michigan’s activities, attractions, and famous places to visit in Michigan with things International Students should know.

You Know You’re In Michigan When…

Mackinac Island by Selena Parker

Michigan has a unique geographical location because the state was formed by merging two peninsulas: the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The Lower Peninsula looks like a mitten, so Michiganders use their hand as a map. So, for example, if you ask a local, “And where is the town of Bad Axe?” You will get a Thumbs Up!

There are five major metropolitan areas in the state. The largest cities are Southeast Michigan and Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Marquette, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor.

Another exciting thing about Michigan is called the ‘Great Lake State.’ This name comes from the fact its surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes. It also has over 12,000 inland lakes. There are also 1,300 public boating access sites and over 80 harbors and marinas throughout Michigan. The natural waters here cannot be found in any other state in America. This is what makes it so unique and world-famous.

Getting Around The State

Amtrak Train Service – Photo by Jan Canty

Public transport in Michigan is poor, but it is available. The largest bus route network in the United States, Greyhound, is the de facto state transportation system. Amtrak offers train service primarily across southern Michigan. But don’t expect it to get you anywhere in the state. The best option for tourists is to rent a car.

To rent a car and drive it freely, you need an international driving license and your ID. And then, of course, you need money on your bank card. A week’s rent may cost as much as $300. Yes, it might not be affordable for a single student, but get your friends together and split the costs.

Entertainment & Outdoor Activites

Michigan has a well-developed entertainment sector. Sailing and motorboat trips are quite popular here. The Great Lakes are mainly chosen for this. Fishing and canoeing are also quite popular. There are plenty of meandering rivers in Michigan for this purpose. And some enthusiasts even manage to surf on the great lakes.

When winter arrives, skiing, snowboarding, and relaxing at the state’s ski resorts become the main attractions. In addition, many enjoy visiting the Detroit metropolitan area for theatre, opera, cinema, and the local casinos. There is a lot for a student to do, as long as you have the time to do it because if you have a lot of unfinished academic assignments, you won’t be able to relax to the fullest. So we advise you to sort out all your educational debts or contact an essay service writing for help.

Smartphone Connectivity and Public Safety

You can find mobile phone service from American and European carriers almost all over Michigan. Cell phone carriers from other countries do not cover the state as well, and their services can be quite expensive. 

This is why it is best to get a local service provider’s card as soon as you arrive in Michigan. Internet access is free in almost every hotel.

The security level in Michigan is not the highest. After all, Detroit is the largest city used to top the list of the most dangerous cities in the US. However, it is no longer on the top of the list, and the crime rate is not as high, but you still need to be on the lookout for safety and security in the city.

Nature And Climatic Conditions

Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains of the UP – Photo by Dave Hoefler

As already mentioned, Michigan is situated on two peninsulas, which are separated from each other by the straits of Mackinac. The Upper Peninsula (aka U-P) is quite large. The eastern edge of the Upper Peninsula is covered by plains forest and marshy areas.

On the western side of the UP, the land is hilly. The biggest surprise for travelers, and not just for tourists, is one of the largest lakes, called Gogebic Lake. To the north, tucked in the Porcupine Mountains, is the famous Lake of the Clouds. Everything around it is covered in dense forests. The scenery here is simply mesmerizing. 

It is worth mentioning that both fauna and flora are quite rich here. The animal world is very diverse. The forests are home to moose, deer, coyotes, bears, foxes, squirrels, river otters, raccoons, snakes, various kinds of turtles, bald eagles, and many other animals. The rivers and lakes of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are rich in fish of many kinds, including pike, perch, lake trout, salmon, and other species.

The Lower Peninsula differs slightly from the Upper Peninsula primarily in its shape. Almost the entire peninsula is covered with plains. Small hills can be seen only in some places.

The summer climate is humid and continental. There are the usual four seasons: hot summer, cold winter, fast spring, and very beautiful, colorful autumn. The Southern and Central parts of the state are the warmest here. 

Another important information for tourists is that blizzards and long snowfalls are very common in winter in Michigan. There is even a word for it here, “lake-effect snow“. One neat aspect about Michigan’s weather is that since the Great Lakes surround it, there are never extreme fluctuations in temperature. The winters are generally mild, with temps seldom getting below -18°C and the summers are pleasant with only a few days above 32°C

It is also worth mentioning that frequent thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind and hail and tornadoes, which may appear about 20 times a year, are also a common occurrence. This is mostly concentrated in the southern part of Michigan. Therefore, check the weather forecasts before you go on holiday.


When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of hotels, motels, and camping sites to choose from.  It all depends on how important amenities are to you and how much comfort you are looking for. If you don’t place much value on the accommodation, you can check out budget hotels and camping sites. They cost from as little as $50 a night.


  • A grand car show is held every year in Detroit Michigan. A huge number of rare and original cars take part in the competition. car lovers can visit the Henry Ford Museum, take a tour of the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant in Dearborn, the Walter P. Chrysler museum, the Eleanor Ford estate, and the Dodge Brothers Museum.
  • The living museum called Greenfield Village attracts many tourists with its historic buildings. for instance, you can visit the courthouse itself, where Abraham Lincoln worked.
  • The city of Holland hosts an amazing and unique tulip festival.
  • Take a day tour of Detroit’s historic buildings and sample local cuisine like the Coney Island HotDog. You can also go to the enormous historic Wright Museum.
  • Mackinac Island is another delightful place to visit in Michigan. There are no cars on the island, and you have to get there by ferry boat across the straits of Mackinac. Try some of the islands famous fudge. Yum!
  • Do you love sports and have always dreamed of being in the vast stands with a big bunch of fans? Then, your dream will come true. After all, here you can buy tickets for the games of professional and famous teams in hockey, basketball, American football, and baseball, the favorite game of Americans. Standing seats cost just $25. And to relax and enjoy the game in a seat, you have to pay between $50 and $150.

Cuisine and Local Foods

Baked Pasty from Michigan – by Scott Eckersley

Michigan cuisine is very tasty but also very calorie-dense. Most of the dishes here are steaks, salads, all sorts of fast food, and other dishes that are typical of American cuisine. But the most popular regional dish here is the Upper Penninsula Pasty, which is made with vegetables, potatoes, carrots meat, and wrapped in a flaky crust. Similar to the Samosa, the taste will pleasantly surprise you.

The Whitefish Chowder soup is another masterpiece of culinary art. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to taste it again and again. After all, it’s a wonderful combination of vegetables, a milk broth, and mild Whitefish. Be sure to order the cherry pie for dessert, too.

Final Thoughts on Things International Students Should Know About Living And Holiday Travel In Michigan

We recommend you to visit this amazing state when you travel through the United States of America. Michigan has a lot to surprise you and will leave you with pleasant memories.

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