See 30 Years of Amazing Changes in Michigan’s Thumb

In an new service from our friends at Google you can now see how your world has changed in the past 30 years. Google’s Earth Engine gives a global time lapse view built from  annual composites of Landsat satellite images. Watch change across Huron County’ s landscape beginning as early as 1984.

Once you click on and view the map you can zoom into any specific area of the Thumb. I was amazed at the increase in tree cover at Sleeper State Park.

Watch Huron County’s Change 1984-2012

You can change the view to any part of the world. The Engine does show startling changes of building and growth in Southeast Michigan and near our major cities.

Amazing Tip of the Thumb Tribute to the Winter of 2015

It’s  hard to capture the grandeur and vastness of Saginaw Bay’s beauty during the winter months. One bold video producer captured some of the most awesome and intriguing shots of the winter ice of the Upper Thumb. Braving treacherous ice flows we see rare ice shots of the Port Austin Light House, Turnip Rock and Port Austin Harbor transformed to the warm summer magic of Michigan’s Thumb. Thumbwind gives a tip of the hat to  “Lighting in a Bottle Rainy Day Productions” for featuring this Pure Thumb experience.  Enjoy.

Michigan’s Governor Makes Bold Stance With Renewable Energy

snyderIn a statement on Friday March 13th. Michigan’s governor Snyder pressed for targets for renewable energy that will exceed former governor Jennifer Granholm’s targets of 25% renewable energy by 2025.  Snyder’s goal is 30 to 40 percent renewable energy, coupled with waste elimination by 2025 .

He declared , “Decisions we make in the coming years will keep energy more affordable and available through a variety of sources while we continue being good stewards of our lakes, air and land,” Snyder said.  “We also must ensure that Michigan — not Washington, D.C. – will determine how we move forward, transitioning from the sources of yesterday to newer, cleaner methods.”

When speaking on March 13th at the Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center in Warren, Snyder said the state has an energy capacity problem, in part because 10 coal power plants will be retired in the coming years. This comes as our economy continues to grow and demand increases, making our infrastructure and natural assets even more important to our future.

The governor also called for significant changes to the way regulated utilities are allowed to account for waste reduction investments. He noted “Right now, our law prevents utilities from spending more than 2 percent of their budget on waste reductions, even if that forces them to buy expensive equipment.”

Its unclear what impact this will have on the current debate now happening in Huron County, Michigan on placing a moratorium on new Wind Turbine projects in the Upper Thumb.

Amazing Lake Huron Ice Walk Video Goes Viral

Crystal clear water conditions coupled with sub zero temperatures have created an unique and amazing ice walking experience on north Saginaw Bay. Gary Johnson took a walk on the ice near Greenbush Michigan. He posted a video taken with his phone. The video has gone viral over the past few days with over 80,000 views in three days.

The video shows Lake Huron frozen clear to the surface, with rocks in the sand shown. Greenbush is located north of East Tawas and about 200 miles north of Detroit in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula.


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