“Let’s Get Flaky” at Caseville Shanty Days 2015

The 2015 Caseville Shanty Days promises a “Flaky” event. It’s a fun theme and the logo and is smart looking and it matches the kitschy/cute that the Caseville community looks for when celebrating an event to break up the long cold winter on Saginaw Bay. After last year’s debacle of a logo depicting Frosty the Snowman pooping ice cubes it’s a welcome change.

The weekend of events includes a multitude of activities including the popular Polar Bear dip at Hoy’s Saginaw Bay Marina. Highlights of the 2014 Caseville Shanty Days are in the video below.

Potential Stop of All Wind Projects in Michigan’s Thumb

Huron Wind TribinesMichigan’s Huron County Commissioner John Nugent really knows how the wind blows in Huron County Michigan.  His recent announcement of his position in the Huron Daily Tribune was direct and to the point. “I’m in the process of researching it, speaking with people, talking with attorneys. And when it’s appropriate, after the first of the year, when we have a new board in place, I’ll bring forward a resolution … hopefully for a full moratorium.”

This stance, if fulfilled, would bring a grinding halt to the rapid progression of wind tribunes in Michigan’s Thumb; the fastest growing wind district in the state.  The Huron Daily Tribune reports that  “Nugent is calling for a halt to wind turbine projects until the county’s wind ordinance can be updated. He said he doesn’t want it to harm responsible wind developers, but is concerned about the health, safety and welfare of residents — all of which he says are at risk if development continues.”

This is a huge flip-flop to the ongoing development of wind energy in Michigan Thumb. Currently Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac counties together have 14 wind farms operating or under construction, almost all erected in the last two years. An estimated 116 turbines are operating in the Upper Thumb region.

U of M Plans New Study On Great Lakes


First significant new study of the water levels across the region.

Originally posted on WLNS.com:

ANN ARBOR, MI (WLNS) – The University of Michigan plans to undergo a massive study on changes to water levels in the Great Lakes.

The goal? To help people in the region prepare for future ups and downs.

Federal scientists say the Great Lakes are back to normal levels after a 15 year downturn.

Now officials at the university want to make sure businesses, city planners and others in the region know how to deal with dramatic and rapid changes.

The study is scheduled to begin in November of next year and run through April of 2017.

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The Great Lakes in Ojibwe


Amazing naming for the Great Lakes. The Ojibwa language is much more descriptive.

Originally posted on The Decolonial Atlas:

great lakes1
Nayaano-nibiimaang Gichigamiin (The Great Lakes) in Anishaabemowin (Ojibwe). Research by Charles Lippert, map by Jordan Engel

Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) is the most-spoken indigenous language in the Great Lakes basin. Charles Lippert, a speaker of Anishinaabemowin, has helped tremendously by researching the lakes and translating into Anishinaabemowin. Below are the translations for all the Great Lakes:

Nayaano-nibiimaang Gichigamiin: The Great Lakes (The Five Freshwater Seas)

Anishinaabewi-gichigami: Lake Superior (Anishinaabe’s Sea)

Ininwewi-gichigami: Lake Michigan (Illinois’ Sea)

Naadowewi-gichigami: Lake Huron (Iroquois’ Sea), also known as Gichi-aazhoogami-gichigami (Great Crosswaters Sea)

Waabishkiigoo-gichigami: Lake Erie (Neutral’s Sea), also known as Aanikegamaa-gichigami (Chain of Lakes Sea)

Niigaani-gichigami: Lake Ontario (Leading Sea), also known as Gichi-zaaga’igan (Big Lake)

Gichigami (Sea) literally means “big (gichi) liquid (-gami)”. Gichigami can also refer to the Saltwater / Bitterwater Sea (i.e. ocean) — zhiiwitaagani-gichigami

The St. Louis River (MN / WI), St. Mary’s River (ON / MI), St. Claire River (ON / MI), Niagara River (ON /…

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