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Flint Water Crisis Timeline

 In April 2014 the City of Flint Michigan switched from water from Lake Huron provided by the city of Detroit to utilizing water taken from the Flint River. This was a cost saving move under the leadership of a succession of Flint emergency managers appointed...

TIME – Flint Water Crisis Went Global 0

TIME – Flint Water Crisis Went Global

The World Learned Flint Water Crisis The ongoing saga of the failure of Michigan’s state and local government’s response and handling of the Flint Michigan’s water crisis turned into a  global story in the media. Most noteworthy was that in  January 2016  TIME magazine published...

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Nestle Bottling Plant in Michigan to Aid in Flint Water Crisis

2016 – Calls for Nestle to Help With Flint Water Crisis Calls are continuing requesting that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder take over operations at Nestle’s Michigan Water Bottling Plant in Mecosta County Michigan to bring clean, lead-free drinking water to Flint. Currently, neither the State...

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