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Consumers Power looks to have a recieved a warm welcome from Tuscola County residents.

Consumers Energy In Your Community

This week we opened our development office in Caro for our Cross Winds Energy Park in Tuscola County. The field office is located right in Caro, Michigan at 101 N. State St., across from the Strand Theater. Cross Winds will be our second wind park. Construction on this 150-megawatt wind park is planned for 2014 with commercial operation of phase one scheduled for the end of 2015. Last year we started construction on Lake Winds in Mason County, our first wind park.

The Cross Winds project is expected to include about 150 construction jobs and up to 12 full-time operator positions. Consumers Energy has 22,000 acres under contract for possible wind turbine locations, and has 5 meteorological towers collecting data on wind patterns. Electricity from Cross Winds will help Consumers Energy meet its 10 percent renewable energy requirement.

Dennis Dobbs, our vice president of generation engineering and service, noted the warm…

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Chandler Township Tells Wind Separatists to Go Home

Huron County, Michigan – There was a stunning reversal of momentum for the Lake Township Wind Separatists who were told “No” by the Chandler Township board. A motion was struck down to enter negotiations to separate about 1/3 of Lake Township into Chandler for purposes of wind development.  According to those in attendance at the packed township hall, the motion was quick, decisive and unanimous not to proceed with any further talks. According to those in attendance the he vote was 5-0.

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