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Stories and posts covering water quality and pollution of Michigan Waters and the Great Lakes.


Here are some of our posts covering water quality issues.

Great Lakes Water 1

Drinking Water Contamination in Caseville’s Water System

Online reports show that recent tests of Caseville, Michigan’s water supply have excessive levels of Trihalomethine. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has been brought in to help reduce the contaminate to safe levels.

Micro Plastic 1

Micro Plastic Is In All Forms of Drinking Water

The study sampled bottled water from various locations around the globe. They pointed the cause of contamination was partly the result of plastic packaging, and partly the fault of the bottling process. The survey included brands like Nestle, Aquafina, San Pellegrino, Dasani and Evian.

What-Can-We-Learn-From-The-Flint-Water-Crisis 1

Lessons from Flint Water Crisis

As far back at 2015 ThumbWind started ringing the warning bell as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Financial Manager Darnell Earley authorizes the utilization of the Flint River as a point water source for the city. Needless-to-say the rest is history. The Flint Water Crisis resulted in 1000’s of people becoming...

Microplastic Pollution 5

Have we Turned the Great Lakes into a Microplastic Soup?

The next time you brush your teeth or wash your face you may be contributing to adding plastic into the Great Lakes.

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