2021 Michigan Maple Syrup from Battel’s Sugar Bush

Sugar Maple Tapped into Collection Can

We learned that it takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to produce one gallon of high-grade maple syrup.

Mark Battel and his family have organized and maintain over 400 taps with gravity and a vacuum-fed tube system that fills the collection kettles with pure Maple sap. Stop by their roadside stand and pick up some sweetness this season.

6 Essential Elements You Should Know When Buying Wine Online

Corks - Buying Wine Online

The world is struggling to deal with a global pandemic. Because of this, social distancing has become a requirement to try and stop the spread of this deadly illness. If you’re a wine lover, this means going to your favorite wine shop to buy your favorite wine might not always be possible.

Before you take that plunge and place your order, there are some things that you need to know to have a pleasant experience when it comes to buying wine online.