On a Lake Huron Sand Dune…at Midnight

Caseville Beach Sunset
Moon over the Lake - Lake Huron Sand Dune

Standing on an ancient Lake Huron sand dune where our cottage sits listening to the surf pound away at the beach. It’s now dark and foreboding. The fetch of the waves is from the big lake coming into the bay and hitting our lee shore. The sound is powerful yet serene. The air is fresh and smells of the open water and Canada beyond.  The stress of the city melts. Tomorrow offers a new chance at an awesome day. You never know what the lake will offer you a chance to go out and play again on a Lake Huron sand dune.

When you have a sailboat the most common question is where have you gone with it. We have taken Trillium, a 1973 Catalina 27 across the Saginaw Bay from Caseville over to Tawas, and took a two-week vacation up and back to Mackinac Island. Sailing Out on Saginaw Bay for the First Time

Who knows drinking coffee could be so much fun. Found this video stacked up in our YouTube account collecting time alone and no hits. I thought it worthy of a dust-off. This is one college student’s method of making a Michigan coffee. Evan’s Take on Making Coffee

It’s seldom that I get a chance to really view a Saginaw Bay sunrise. As we rush to get ready for work, feed the kids, and let out the dog, when was the last time you really sat back and watched the sun come up. The moments before sunrise can be the quietest of the day. Coffee and a Sunrise over Saginaw Bay

In the days before the highway and autos, the only way to travel the vast distances for the Great Lakes was by sail and steamer. In the mid-1800s until well into the 1950s one could travel most of the lakes in style and comfort. Great Lakes Cruising History – Luxurious Times

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Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan Road Trip Fun

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula extends well out into Lake Superior from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is dotted with iron ore and copper mines which dominated the economy in the 1800s. Today the area is a tourist and sportsmen playground with beachfront resorts, mountain top drives, and beautiful scenery. The Quincy mine is now a national historic landmark and can be toured. Those headed to Isle Royale National Park can hop on a ferry to the island from Houghton or Copper Harbor, the most northern town in Michigan.

Spring U.P. Road Trip to the Keweenaw

Marquette North Harbor
Marquette North Harbor in May

It was a free Saturday while picking up our son at Northern Michigan University. He wanted to skip the graduation walk and do a road trip with the old folks. We were honored. My wife had never ventured to one of the remotest regions of Michigan, the tip of the Upper Peninsula in Keweenaw county. Despite a fair amount of snow still, on the ground, we agreed to strike out for a bit of an adventure that morning.

Bishop Fredrick Baraga – The Snowshoe Priest

Father Baraga Statue

It was a two-hour drive to reach Baraga. We stopped and stretched our legs at Shrine of Bishop Baraga. Here you can check out a copper statue that is over 35 feet tall and weighs in at over four tons. The Snowshoe Priest looks out over Keweenaw Bay. The view is spectacular. Refreshed we pressed on to Houghton/ Hancock. This is the home of Michigan Technological University and the birthplace of professional hockey. From there we hit numerous little towns that dotted the copper ridge of the peninsula. These towns sprung up around the copper mines that drove shafts 100s of feet to reach the rich copper ore. Both the Quincey and Delaware mines have tours when the season starts in mid May.

Michigan’s Northern Most Point at Copper Harbor

Copper Harbor Winter

We reached Copper Harbor at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula and caught a late lunch at the Mariner. There were not too many places open at the end of the road but the food was delicious.

We took a few shots at the harbor. Fighting our way to the water’s edge with two feet of hard-packed snow still in place. Then drove down past Eagle Harbor, and Eagle River and Calumet before making our way back to Marquette. It was a lot of driving but resulted in a great road trip up into Keweenaw Michigan.

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Boat Names in Caseville Harbor

Boat Names Caseville Harbor

“The name selected for a boat may not seem like an important thing. But, considering the strong feelings many of us have for our boats; the fact that we put so much work, and sweat and money into them; the fact they are a big part of our memories of so many good times, with … Read more