Michigan Renewables Cheaper than Coal

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From 2012 – Report on effectiveness of Michigan’s requirement for 10% of energy to be achieved through renewables showed:

Generated over $100 million in investments in the state, spurred manufacturing, and created jobs.

Low Great Lakes Levels in 2012

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IN 2011, the US Army Corps of Engineers is forecasted lower levels for Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron. High temperatures coupled with lack of snowfall in the upper Great Lakes are contributing factors to the decline. Lake Superior was expected to continue drop from 2011 and was expected to drop another two inches over the … Read more

Michigan Boaters See Future Ban on Copper Anti-Fouling Paint

Sailboats Out on the Hard on Saginaw Bay

From 2012 – A Ban on Copper Bottom Paint In the February 2012 issue of BoatUS there was a special report on activity taken by several states to ban copper marine anti-fouling bottom paint by 2020. Copper is added to bottom paint as a biocide to prevent slime, plant and zebra mussels from attaching onto the … Read more