Independent Schools in London – 2023

Many independent schools in London are open to foreign students. All educational programs in London are profitable investments in the future. It is possible to study abroad after the 9th grade, obtain a master’s degree or doctor of sciences, advanced educational courses, bachelor’s degree and other programs. Independent schools differ from boarding and public schools  for some peculiarities.  Independent school is similar to private school; however, there are some peculiarities between them.  

List of main differences of an independent school:

  • Own independent board of trustees;
  • Independence from government budget;
  • Commercial funding via tuition fees of international students;
  • Unique mission;
  • Enrollment procedure, according to their own process and rules.

Education at the top independent schools

The English educational system is a real example of classical European education, which is considered to be of higher quality and prestigious. According to this factors many parents from all over the world are trying to send their children to London independent schools. Graduates from English secondary school can count on the way to university abroad, not only in the UK, but also in leading universities in Europe and the world. In order to find the most suitable option for yourself, you first need to learn a few important facts about these institutions.

List of main benefits of studying at the top independent schools in London:

  • Top world rating;
  • Modern educational and sport equipment;
  • Well-developed school infrastructure;
  • Comfortable conditions of stay;
  • Qualified educational staff;
  • Personal attention to each student;
  • Personal development program.

Enrollment procedure and tuition fees at the best independent schools in London

Most British independent schools accept international schoolchildren. If a foreign applicant does not have a very high level of knowledge of English, he will still be able to enroll if there is a financial opportunity to study. However, for a more productive study, it is better to enter to educational institutions in London with some knowledge of English; otherwise, it will be quite difficult for a young student. To enroll in an English independent school in London, an applicant must fill out a special form on the institution’s website, and then prepare a package of documents to the school’s admissions committee:

  • Student’s report card for the last 2-3 years;
  • Characteristics (usually from teachers of mathematics and English or director of the current school);
  • Language level (must be at least 4.5 IELTS points);
  • Motivational letter on behalf of the student, where he tells why he wants to get into this school;
  • Personal interview or via Skype.

It is best to send documents at least 8-9 months, and preferably a year before the start of educational program. In addition, it is considered normal to send applications abroad not to one educational institution, but to several at once, in order to increase your chances of admission for sure. Tuition fees at the best independent schools in London is considered one of the highest when it comes to learning a language in English-speaking countries. And directly in independent schools in London, as a rule, the highest prices in Britain. But we hasten to assure you that even here you can find more budget options with suitable parameters. On average, the prices for annual tuition at an English independent schools starts from 15 thousand British pounds (in total with living expenses). There is also a list of additional expenses, not included in tuition fee: 

  • Medical insurance;
  • Flight tickets;
  • School registration fee;
  • Visa processing;
  • Transfer in both side;
  • Pocket expenses.

International schools in London: the main advantages and opportunities

London is the educational center with a large number of educational programs and courses. After graduation from independent school, a foreign student can enter a college or university, where students have the opportunity to complete internship programs, explore future career and apply their knowledge in various industries according to their profession.

List of educational fields to study:

  • Digital media;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • Game industry- design;
  • Computer technology;
  • Finance;
  • Public administration;
  • Software development.

Educational courses in London are a stepping-stone to a successful career, offer excellent opportunities and help prepare for further study in the chosen specialty. Short-term courses supplement knowledge and develop professional skills. Many international students plan to enroll in short educational courses in London, Britain, in order to find themselves in the largest and richest city and to adopt to live in GB, improve their reputation, make friends with new people, and make useful professional connections. The duration of the courses depends on:

  • Chosen educational program;
  • Desired goals;
  • Duration of the educational course (from 1 week);
  • Extracurricular block.

For schoolchildren and students planning to enroll in European educational institutions, there are also a large number of educational programs and preparatory courses:

  • Language courses (general English; Academic and Intensive English);
  • Preparing to TOEFL;
  • General preparatory program.

In addition to regular English classes, the courses offer a wide range of leisure and cultural activities that help international students practice their knowledge and make the most of their time. Studying in London is an ideal chance to improve your English for academic or professional purposes, to enjoy everything that this unique city offers.

Top 5 independent schools in London

  • Avon House Preparatory School;
  • King’s House School;
  • Marymount London;
  • Oakfields Preparatory School;
  • Cambridge Tutors College.

Final Thoughts on Independent Schools in London

In conclusion, independent schools in London continue to offer an excellent education for students in 2023. With a wide range of schools to choose from, each with its own unique strengths, there is an independent school to suit every family’s needs. Whether you are looking for academic excellence, a strong focus on the arts or sport, or a nurturing and inclusive environment, you are sure to find a school that fits the bill in the capital. While independent education may come with a significant price tag, many families believe the investment is worth it, and the results speak for themselves. With high levels of academic achievement, outstanding facilities, and a diverse student body, London’s independent schools continue to be an excellent choice for families seeking a top-quality education for their children.

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