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2023 Best Colleges for A Creative Writing Undergrad Degree

Writing is not simply fun. You can do it without much equipment, but you can also get paid for it. This is where college comes in, and in this article, we go over five of the best colleges to consider for a creative writing undergrad degree.

This and other reasons are why many students consider a career in writing. Because of this, many learners strive to improve their writing abilities. Some writers only improve their craft after years of practice, while others are simply born gifted. However, a third option involves learning from the best teachers.

Top Colleges To Get Undergrad Degrees In Creative Writing

Whether you’re studying creative writing to become an author, blogger, or copywriter, there’s much to gain from a writing degree. If you are looking to improve as a writer, then consider these five universities for their excellent creative writing undergraduate degrees:

  • University of Iowa
  • Emory University
  • Northwestern University
  • Oberlin College
  • Columbia University

University of Iowa

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Creative Writing and Literary Publishing at the University of Iowa is an excellent degree if you want to write and think creatively. Also, by completing a degree in this course, you get access to the fantastic literacy community that Iowa is blessed with. For instance, there’s the well-renowned Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Even though you don’t need to graduate from this university to gain access to this workshop, the creative writing skills you’ll learn are worth it. So, make sure to apply early to give yourself enough time to prepare a strong college application.

Emory University

Emory University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a private university with a meager acceptance rate, so even a robust application might not make it. However, if you do pass the admission test, you’ll get the chance to enjoy their wonderful creative writing undergraduate program. Emory University sponsors internationally recognized writers and authors to come to their school every year. This is so students can get the chance to learn and be encouraged by their stories, challenges, and achievements. 

Northwestern University

The Creative Writing Major offered by the English department of this University ranks among the best in the country. Every year students apply to get into this program, so admission can get very competitive. One of the ways to stand out from the crowd involves ensuring your application essay is the best.

If you are not a confident writer, there’s a lot to gain by having an expert academic writer from Pro Essays Service complete your essay. If you decide to study for this undergraduate degree, you’ll benefit from the winter senior readings series and one-to-one sessions with visiting writers. All these have been designed to give you the best quality education, which is another reason why this college is among the best.

Oberlin College

There are many fine aspects to Oberlin College, but the department of Creative Writing should take the prize of being the best. Located in Oberlin, Ohio, this university has a very competitive admissions system. Even if you get admitted into the Creative Writing undergrad degree program at this university, you still need to submit 12 pages of your best work to all the upper-level workshops as an application. Only the best students then get to study at the picturesque Peters Hall.

Columbia University

Located in the City of New York, Columbia University is among some of the best schools that offer degrees in creative writing for undergraduate students. Their Creative Writing undergraduate degree uses workshops and seminars to help students assimilate knowledge of what they are taught better. Students get to learn how to create fiction and nonfiction works. Also, at the end of your degree, you can easily apply for jobs as the university is close to major publishing houses.

Final Thoughts on Creative Writing Undergrad Degree

Creative Writing Undergrad Degree

Writing can be both fun and financially rewarding. However, If you are not as good a writer as you want, studying for a college degree is often the best way to fix it. So, if you’re interested in exploring a creative writing undergrad degree, consider applying to any college mentioned in this article today.

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