how to wash silk pajamas

How to Wash Silk Pajamas – 6 Simple Steps

If you want to ensure that you take the utmost care of your delicate silk pajamas, you may wonder how to wash silk pajamas. Fortunately, you are not alone with this question. Many people want to know how to wash silk pajamas appropriately; thus, this article will outline the best means of doing so.

How to wash silk pajamas

Firstly, you should only wash your silk pajamas every 3-4 days. This may be shocking to some people; however, if you shower every night before bed, the silk will still become dirty. Some people state that it is acceptable only to wash your pj’s once a week; however, you should not wait any longer than this.

To obtain the most comfortable experience with your silken sleepwear, it is suggested that you purchase two sets of pajamas and change them every 3-4 days. If you are looking for luxurious silk sleepwear, visit Eberjey for the finest silk pajamas.

how to wash silk pajamas

Silk fabric requires a lot of care and attention. Thus, you will need to hand-wash these items most of the time. However, you can wash your silken pj’s on a delicate cycle or low heat if you use a mesh bag to protect the silk from unwanted abrasive damage. Dry cleaning your pj’s is always an option. 

If you want to keep your pj’s for an extended time, you should ideally avoid machine washing them on high heat. Instead, it would help if you implemented the following measures:

1) Place Your PJs In Lukewarm Water

Fill up a basin with lukewarm water and soak your pj’s. This is the perfect means of hand-washing your silk pajamas. 

2) Use Speciality Made Detergents

You should only use specialty-made detergents that are specific to silk material. Using any other form of detergent will be too abrasive and harsh, inherently ruining the shine of your pj’s. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the importance of buying special-made detergent. However, you may as well wear cotton pj’s if you choose to use regular detergent on your silk sleepwear.

You will also want to use a few drops of this detergent, as using too much then is not entirely necessary. 

3) Soak Your Pajamas For Three Minutes

Soaking your pj’s for three minutes will ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly. Soaking your silk pajamas in lukewarm water with silk-specific detergent is more than enough to wash your PJs.

4) Hand Wash Your Pajamas

Hand washing your pj’s is effortless to do. All that is required for you to do is to plunge your PJs up and down to ensure that the water seeps through the fabric, removing any residue or dirt. Of course, you should ensure that you are not too harsh during this process.

After you have washed your silk pajamas, you should take them out and rinse them using cool water. Then, continue to rinse them until clear water begins to run. Finally, gently press any excess moisture from the fabric, ensuring you do not wring your pajamas during the process.

5) Soak Up Excess Water Using A Towel

Once gently pressed into your silk pajamas, take a towel and soak up any excess water from the material. Again, you must ensure that you do not wring the silk during this process. Gently pressing and tapping your towel onto your sleepwear will do the trick. 

6) Hang and Dry

When drying your pajamas, you will want to hang them up. Of course, you can also lay them out flat to dry; however, hanging them up is preferable.

Am Additional Tip For Washing Silk Pajamas

Another tip for washing your silk pajamas is to ensure that you are checking care labels on your sleepwear in the first instance. To ensure that you are doing everything correctly, you need to pay careful attention to these labels as not all silk pj’s are identical.

On these care labels, you will find the relevant instructions regarding caring for your pj’s. This will specify what temperature they should be washed at and whether they require cleaning at a dry cleaner or not.

Final Thoughts on How to Wash Silk Pajamas

To conclude, silk pajamas are increasingly popular for their comfort and breathability. Therefore, they are instrumental during the summer months. You should purchase two pairs of pj’s and wash them intermittently throughout the week, ensuring that you wash them every 3-4 days. In order for your pajamas to last for a more extended period, you should hand-wash them and avoid washing them at a high temperature.

Remember to visit Eberjey to purchase the finest silken sleepwear. The care and steps how to wash silk pajamas are simple. I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading. 

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