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6 Top Essential But Stylish Smart Accessories You Need Everyday

No matter what people say, appearance does matter. Whether you need a good first impression or want to feel confident, your appearance will be the key. Suitable smart accessories take things to the next level, whether a stylish backpack or something else.

Fashion Technology Is Here To Stay

Fashion is a choice. You get to choose how you present yourself and what you do to achieve that. This is why a lot of people invest in their closets. But clothes and accessories aren’t all. In a fast-moving world, you’ll also have to consider keeping up with everything. The good thing is you can do both: look stylish and keep up with your life. You’ll have to look past your closet and invest a little in your everyday gear.

Nothing makes an impression better than being put together and prepared. You should always be prepared for a road trip, a regular work commute, or an extended vacation. And since you can’t exactly carry the world with you, intelligent and compact smart accessories are the way to go.

So here is a list of top essential smart accessories that are practical and stylish.

Essential and Stylish Accessories You Need

Noise-Canceling Headphones

You know what they say, a good pair of headphones can save you from everything. Most of us have a habit of listening to music no matter what we’re doing. And if you’re on a flight traveling somewhere, earphones or headsets are practically a travel essential to cover the bustling crowd noises. Besides, what is a trip if you aren’t pretending to be in a movie while listening to your favorite song?

You should get these excellent noise-canceling headphones from Anker for your travel days. This is an exciting headphone with both wireless and wired options. You can get 40 hours of battery life if you’re using it in Bluetooth mode. It also eliminates 90% of ambient noise so you can enjoy your time while commuting to work or just wanting to listen to music in peace.

Ultralight French Press

Okay, let’s be honest: the “living on coffee” habit can sometimes get a little out of pocket. Who would ever think living on 5 cups of coffee on an otherwise empty stomach is a good idea? Well, a lot of people apparently (which may or may not include your person) but hey, no judgment.

But running on coffee isn’t the same as actually enjoying coffee. Sure, you can get an espresso machine for the go, but something about brewing it yourself. The personal touch just adds something. If you’re one of the coffee lovers who enjoy brewing good coffee, this can be a good gear for you.

This ultralight French press from Espro is double-walled stainless steel, so you can imagine the build quality. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is this is travel-friendly. You can carry this around in your luggage as it doesn’t take up much space.

iXpand Flashdrive Luxe

Transferring data from Apple Products is usually easy because Apple smart accessories surround everyone. But what if you need to transfer files between an Apple product and a non-Apple one? That’s when things get tricky because you can’t do it directly. So, you’ll have to look for something that can work as a mediator between the two devices. This is where the iXpand Flashdrive comes in and makes things easier for you.

This small but powerful drive packs a punch with its two-in-one design. It has a C-Port and a lightning port secured inside a swiveling shell. So it protects the connecting ends better than its predecessors and is much easier to use. It comes in three storage capacities– 64,128 and 256GB. With this by your side, you won’t even have to worry about cloud storage.

Nalgene self-filtering bottle

Hydration comes before everything. Proper hydration can save you from a bunch of other problems when you’re traveling. Unfortunately, getting fresh and clean water isn’t always guaranteed, especially traveling worldwide. And that’s why this self-filtering bottle makes good everyday gear.

Nalgene’s self-filtering water bottle uses depth and adsorption to filter the water. It has an activated coconut carbon fiber mesh surface that helps it remove harmful particles from water with adsorption. This filter directly adsorps particles like cysts, heavy metals or dust particles. The 6mm, thick depth filtration helps it remove any particle that may have escaped the coconut mesh.

This self-filtering water bottle uses natural elements for filtering, which is a bonus. But all technicalities aside, this is a stylish water container you can carry. It doesn’t have to do anything with pollutants either. If you’re someone who needs to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, this can be your buddy.

PowerCore Lite PowerBank

Did your battery die just when you were about to do something important? Then you know the pain of not having Thor’s power of controlling thunder. If your phone dies when you don’t have access to a charging port (or electricity, for that matter), chances are you can’t charge them unless you get to your next stop (or maybe to your home). Well, you can’t spend your whole life cooped up beside a charging port, so what do you do? Buy a power bank. 

Power banks are godsends, and this PowerCore one is a step above that. This power bank comes with two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. Another highlight of this power bank is its versatility. It changes everything: phones, laptops, cameras and even GoPros. You can carry it anywhere you go– gym, work, camping or even on a vacation trip.

Gogle Nest Video Doorbell

Your house is practically your life. Everything you do, everything you need and everything that needs safekeeping will always find their way into your house. So it is only fair you pay more attention to securing it, right? Then this is something you can’t pass.

This Google Nest doorbell will keep you stress-free with its sophisticated video feed feature. It has a wide field of vision and covers a lot of areas because of that. The video of this gadget is high resolution too, and it can stream and help you communicate with any visitor even when you’re not home.

It is equipped with night vision technology and superior programming (thanks to machine learning), so it can tell who is trying to get into your property. An animal, a car, a package, or humans– whatever it is, this doorbell has got them.

Final Thoughts on Smart Accessories

Smart accessories make life easier, but that’s not all there is to them. Sometimes accessories can add a touch of style while being unconventional. (Kind of like a woman wearing a snake ring on the ring finger) In other cases, these devices are part of a smart home design and must be incorporated. Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas about stylish and convenient essentials for everyday use.

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