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Vote Shows Michigan Rep Paul Mitchell sides with Russia In Ukraine War

Paul Mitchell voted against House Resolution 546. It was a resolution introduced by Democratic Rep. Albio Sires of New Jersey to not allow Russia back into the economic Group of Seven (G7).

Paul Mitchell

The resolution continued the opposition of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and the taking of the Crimea peninsula. A key strategic shipping port on the Black sea. As a result of this military aggression, Russia was kicked out of the G7. Russia continues to hold the Crimea and has taken steps to annex it.

Russia was a member of the economic group — called the Group of Eight or G8 — until 2014. The country was suspended through a vote by other G8 members for its annexation of Ukrainian territories, including the Crimean Peninsula and Sevastopol.

The resolution condemns the “Kremlin’s assaults on democratic societies worldwide, including in the United States and other Group of Seven countries,” and calls of the leaders of the G-7 to oppose Russia rejoining the group unless it ends its occupation of “Ukraine’s sovereign territory, including Crimea” and attacks on democracies around the world.”

The House voted 339 to 71 in favor of the resolution. All Democrats voted in favor of the resolution, while the Republicans, including Paul Mitchell were divided at 116 to 71 in support of the motion.

Republicans Paul Michell (MI-10) from Dryden and Jack Bergman (MI-01) were the only Michigan representatives to vote against the resolution.

Earlier this year Paul Mitchell indicated he will not run for another term in Congress. With a net worth of $37.7 million, Mitchell is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. Mitchell spent $3.1m in 2016 to win the 10th Congressional District, which includes northern Macomb County and five Thumb-area counties.

The full vote tally on the resolution Disapproving the Russian Federation’s Inclusion in Future Group of Seven of its neighbors and adherence to the standards of democratic societies

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