Ora Labora Colony 1860's

Pray & Work

Ora Labora, the name means “pray and work,” and the 50 families who came to an area between Caseville and Wildfowl Bay in the early 1860’s certainly did both. The settlers were of German origin, and the Rev. Emil Baur was led the colony. They had to struggle against forests and swamps and fevers. Many of their young men left to fight in the Civil War. In the end, Ora Labora was deserted.

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Ora Labora – A Lost Paradise



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  1. Pray and Work, there is still an old cemetary that most people don’t even know its there. back on an old sand road .. you have to look for the headstones. from that community….. i never knew for sure what happened to everyone, if it was before the great fires of Huron county ……… Similar to Port Crescent but Port Crescent was a boom town and we have many family of the past buried at that cemetary, but it was ramshacked by vandals back in the 60’s or early seventies… use to be all over grown there too but now its a i think state cemetary…. nobody has been buried there since the 50’s i think.

      1. years ago we use to drive back to the mouth of the river but had to know which trail were safe and which ones had sand traps (your car would sink up to the axles in sand) Even as a senior in Bad Axe we woudl go up there fishing and swimming. long before it was developed into a state park. that old bridge met so much to me as it was part of history, but when the park was made they closed it off to traffic. too many parties of year after year held up there in the sand dunes. was great fishing under the bridge before the new mouth was formed and the old mouth became a dead river. high waters one spring broke thru the holes where the sand had been mined out of and thus the new mouth was formed.

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