The Best Day’s of Summer


It’s finally here. My favorite time to be in the Upper Thumb. Cheeseburger Festival has long since past. The long upcoming Labor Day weekend will soon slip by. Things are quieter. I can now cross M-25 without fear. What a season. To many folks this was a less than ideal summer. It was cool, it was rainy, and Saginaw Bay seemed too stirred up every weekend to fish.

However now it’s time for football on Friday evenings on WLEW, chili on the stove, and it’s finally cool enough for a sweatshirt. I don’t expect the leaves to fall until later in September, but I am seeing a hit of color on my maple trees. The crickets are in full chirp mode during the overnight. A sure sign of a waning summer.

It’s going to get more quiet, more serine. Soon the boats will be coming out at the marina, the trailers parked all summer at the campgrounds will be leaving or wrapped up and winterized. Cottages will be closed. Garden’s are turned over.

However for now I look forward to the iconic Indian summer. A sting of unusually warm days after a snap of chilly ones. It sometimes hits during late September, but I’ve seen it come later. The long shadow of a bright sun and crisp fall air. It’s an ideal time to be around at the tip of the Thumb.



One thought on “The Best Day’s of Summer”

  1. Sept & Oct are two of the greatest months in the Thumb. Crisp air & skies, breezes that can gust a bit, and the geese & tundra swans dominate the waters & beaches. Beautiful.

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