Grindstone General Store and Rybak’s Ice Cream

Mike Hardy

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  1. Gus Tomer says:

    Ice cream WARS is right. The owner of Rybak’s has a major chip on his shoulder when it comes to the fact that he has competition in town just a block away.

    Our family first cruised to Rybak’s to check out their selection of ice cream, which was about a dozen plus flavors of Gurnsey Ice Cream.

    We then drove over to the General Store and looked at their selection, which included commercially available flavors plus some made on site.

    We ended up buying two cones from the General Store and heading back to Rybak’s to buy two more, which we ate at picnic tables next to Rybak’s amazing restored 1800’s building.

    I finished my cone and went to the porch to throw the plastic cone holder in the garbage can there when a man on the porch said, “I didn’t spend a hundred thousand on this building to serve the competition.”

    At first I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, but he went on with some more muttering about “the competition”.

    I explained that we had bought ice cream from both places, and ended up at his place, but that didn’t seem to matter.

    The other establishment was busy, while his was dead, except for us. He had one girl behind the counter, and the competition had at least 4 people working on orders.

    The Rybak’s guy was a newcomer, serves smaller cones, makes no ice cream of his own, yet fancies himself the “Boss of Ice Cream” in Grindstone City?

    Good luck with that, pal.

  1. July 19, 2015

    […] upon the White Church Gallery while exploring Grindstone City’s two popular ice cream shops; the Grindstone General Store and Rybak’s Ice Cream Store. The gallery is across the street from Rybak’s. Little did I know but the gallery opened this year […]

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