Gibby's Fries

Gibby’s Fries – A Favorite Michigan Comfort Food

Gibby’s  Fries are fresh-cut homemade French fries can only be found at carnivals, festivals, and fairs during the summer months. We dropped in on the Huron Community fair during Sunday’s set up. Gibby’s was already doing business and the fryers were hot. We also take a look at where were French fries invented and the types of french fries that are out there.. The answer may surprise you.

A Michigan Fair Treat – Hot Gibby’s French Fries

Gibby's Fries at the Fair

This family-owned company is based in Traverse City. During the summer, Gibby’s Concessions travel around the state and can be found at county fairs, carnivals and special events. Gibby’s constantly ranks as the top fried spud in yearly peoples choice votes in the state.

The Secret of the Gibby’s Fries Cooking

Homemade French Fries

Their cooking process is simple but a bit unique. Freshly cleaned potatoes are sliced, then plunged into a series of six deep fryers. The last dip is this hottest to brown and crisp the creation. The resulting bit of gastronomic heaven is poured dripping golden brown into a paper boat container Then handed over the counter. Veterans of this process grab this scalding hot bunch of spuds with a paper towel and head to the side of the stand for dressing up.

Gibby’s Fries – Ketchup vs. Malt Vinegar

Gibby's homemade french Fries

It’s an important choice, to dress or not to dress. These homemade french fries are so good many dive in right away. However, I make a beeline to the coarse ground salt and vinegar.  Never Ketchup. I always use a good malt vinegar at home but at the county fair, all that’s available is white vinegar dispensed with a pump on top of a gallon jug. Sparingly used, the tart and salt seem to spring the taste buds into life. The secret is to eat them while still hot and firm. They don’t age well and will turn into a limp sticky mess quickly.

Gibby’s Fries Are At All the Cool Fairs

Huron Community Fair

Gibby’s is a mainstay throughout Michigan and at the Huron County Fair. I always look forward to sharing an order with the kids. Admittedly imbibing in this comes with a tinge of guilt but gives me an excuse to avoid the Tilt-a-Whirl.  However, the crispy outside and perfectly cooked fluffy potato are worth the wait and the trip to the fair. When doing a little research I was surprised to find that Gibby’s is headquartered in Traverse City has been in operations since the 1940s and its own fan page on Facebook.

Gibby’s French Fies in Traverse City

Where were French Fries Invented?

where were french fries invented
Image by Jochen Schaft from Pixabay

The origins of who first invented the concept of the French fry or “Pomme Frits”, ( The French word for potato is “pomme de Terre,” or “fruit of the earth” ), looks not to have been from France but a short distance north. It was Belgium, where historians claim potatoes were being fried up in the 1600s. Villagers sliced potatoes and fried them with small fish. Thus, the first fast food may have originated as Fish and Chips and French Fries came out of the same economic cooking method.

During World War I American soldiers stationed in Belgium learned about this simple way to fry up spuds. Since the Belgians spoke French, the doughboys nicknamed the fried potatoes “French fries.” The name stuck, and France underhandly got the credit.

where were french fries invented

In Belgium, French fries served with homemade mayonnaise. The UK likes its malt vinegar while over in Canada the province of Quebec has exported entre of fries are smothered in beef gravy and cheese curds for a hangover cure concoction called Poutine. All of these influences came to America, the homemade french fries the Gibby’s makes are delicious for there simplicity.

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