Opening Lake Huron Beach Access in 1937 Was To Attract Tourists

M25 Road Sign of the Scenic Highway

We almost take it for granted that beach access near the lake in Huron county that your a short walk or drive away from being able to put your toes into the water. That was not always the case. I remember stories from my grandparents and others that the beachfront was some of the last lands to be sold and parcel developed. After the lumber boom had fizzled out in the 1880’s attention turned to farming. Since the dunes and swampy areas near the water were pretty unfit for farming they stayed clear of development until well into the 1900s.

Parks were available but they were far and few in between. This small article appeared in 1937 in the Harbor Beach newspaper as many miles of M-25 were in process of being paved. It called on Huron leadership to extend the township roadways that stopped at M-25 right to the shore so tourists could access the beach and lake. Sanilac county took the lead on the establishment of easements that were a model for much of the Great Lakes region. Today an example of a township easement can be clearly seen at Oak Beach. The road runs right up the water where, for many years, there was a boat ramp available right on the edge of the park.

Beach Access

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  1. Isn’t it great that the forefathers had the foresight to open up the waters so all could enjoy. Around here people buy up all the properties and no one can get access to the waterways. Many areas we have visited have blocked waterways from public access.


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