Caseville Harbor History Compares to Fishtown

This picture offers a bit of Caseville Harbor history. The shot looks out to Saginaw Bay from the interior harbor on the Pigeon River in 1941. The only building that remains today is the Huron Yacht Club on the left. The Bay Post Fish Company dock on the far right was torn down in 2017 to make way for updates to the Saginaw Bay Marina.

The shot has amazing similarities to the famous Fishtown in Leland County in Northwest Michigan. Caseville harbor was home to a lumber mill, salt block, an iron foundry, and several fishing companies.

Caseville Harbor from the State of Michigan archives

Village of Caseville

The Caseville Harbor history photo was likely taken from the railroad bridge that once crossed the Pigeon River. The plat map below was from a 1935 WPA project shows the village and railroad lines leading into the area that is known today as Caseville Beach. In 1964 the Caseville Harbor break wall was built. It was made with huge boulders and rubble fill and extended 1,780 feet into Saginaw Bay. The break wall protects the harbor from the prevailing north-east wave action from Lake Huron.

Caseville Harbor History
Village of Caseville from Michigan Archives

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  1. Wow, we drove right through here on route 6 back in September on the first leg of our journey out west. We camped just up the way in Sandusky, OH. Amazing the difference of then to now.

  2. Ken Peterson says:

    I remember two fish places,,,, the one we use to go to was Giliahams or something…. use to love walking thru the place wiht all kinds of fish on ice… we use to get Herring .. and take them home and clean them and freeze them……. caught our own perch of course. as a kid in scouts we fished off the dock or channel there and got a mess of fish,,,,,,, never knew what happened to all the ones we caught, I bet our den mother kept them for themselves lol.

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