Is Water a God-given Right?

Mike Hardy

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  1. Water, like anything that costs money or is traded for, is not a Right. Natural Rights are all God Given. You may need to use force or money to protect a Right, but Rights themselves do not cost money. Privileges, Immunities, Powers… these are different from Rights.

  2. Water is life… but taken for granted. In South Africa we are taking huge steps to educate with regards to being WATER WISE. I personally think it will be one of the greatest hurdles in the near future. If a city like New York lost its drinking water for two weeks you would be shocked a the projected loss of life and outbreak of one on one violence. Great read. Keep up the great work. Dan

  3. Fiona and Dan are so right. We take it for granted that when we go to the spigot water will come out.

  1. January 15, 2017

    […] Is water a God-given right? […]

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