A Kool Cigarette Sailboat


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  1. my2fish says:

    My brother-in-law has a Snark but no Kool sail. Too slow for my tastes but probably a good kids learning boat. Tippy-er than an Opti though.

  2. Pam Masl says:

    Had fun in one of these one summer in Minnesota. Now an avid fan of the UP. I vacation in St Ignace every July. I would love to have one of those boats. Do you know of one for sale??

    • Jason W. Wheelock says:

      I just found my mom’s brothers Kool sailboat in storage. I haven’t inspected it yet but I’d like to get rid of it.

  3. Miles Moore says:

    Check out the Super Sea Snark Class Assoc. at . Can we put your article on our site. We are compiling a history of the snark from snark owners.

  4. Names says:

    cool story bro

    saw one on craigslist and researched it, thanks.

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