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Walt's Meats Port Austin

By the time the Caseville Cheeseburger Festival occurs Memorial Day is only a few weeks away…yikes the summer has flown by. If you want a Cheeseburger that is better then anything you can get in Caseville, start with the key ingredient at Walt’s Meat – Summer residents of the greater Thumb Key North area already know where to pick up high quality choice meat for your grill and deli items to round off your BBQ…you go see Rick, ” Jonesy”, and Lynn. It’s a given…end of story. We have seen this couple take a former sleepy butcher shop and transform it in gourmet grocery with the Chutzpah that can match a big city meat market. The staff is friendly (and typically family!) and these folks know what they’re doing.

The “Nobody Can Beat Walt’s Meat” sign greets you has you pull in the parking lot just outside of Oak Beach about 7 miles north of Caseville. Sometimes you have to wait to find a space but that’s OK because this is meat nirvana. Standing Rib? Filet Mignon? Please..How about regular chuck hamburger that never, and I mean never! flames up on the grill because its so lean. Bacon Sausage..OMG!…its so good the Florida snowbirds order it cryopaked to-go on their way back down I-75.  It’s the only place we know north of Imlay city where you can get a hot Panini sandwich to go. They have all kinds of creative offerings and salads under glass in sparkling clean conditions. Walt’s Meats has all the makings for the best cheeseburger in Caseville.

The quality is scary good.  Rick and Lynn take this business extremely serious and it shows. Because of their uncompromising quality and level of service deems Walt’s Meat Market the “Best Gourmet Grocery in the Thumb”. As a side note, listen for Lynn around the noon hour on 102.1 FM WLEW for the Walt’s Meat ad. Lynn did her time in radio in the Grand Rapids area and she has kept her voice in top notch shape.

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