Throwback Thursday: Sebewaing Brewing Company

Sebewaing Brewing Sebewaing Brewing Company brewed Sebewaing Beer until 1965. The brewery began life as the E.O. Braendle Brewery in 1880. A fire destroyed the wood frame building in 1893. It was rebuilt with brick walls three feet thick and operated the brewery until Prohibition. The Sebewaing name began during Prohibition when in 1927, the Sebewaing Products Company was organized to produce malt extract. As sales exceeded a million dollars per year, the brewery became Sebewaing’s main identity.
During its peak in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the brewerSebewaing Brewing Cany employed about 30 people. In 1962, a group of Detroit businessmen gained control of the company. The group expanded sales heavily throughout the region and state, in the hopes of taking the company’s brews national. In 1965, a brutal proxy battle eventually wound up putting the brewery back in the hands of local control, but the damage had been done. Sales declined and the reputation of the brewery suffered, and it closed in 1966.

The last day of the Sebewaing Brewing Company was June 4, 1966. Today the cans are collectable and can be found in antique shops throught Michigan.


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