Pure Fear – Opening an On-Line Store

thumbwind_mercantile_logo3We have done it. Well mostly me…I did it. I have opened an on-line store.  Crazy, I should have done it 17 years ago but the technology just wasn’t right and I didn’t have the time to code a site from the ground up.

ThumbWind- Mercantile will start out with a line of ThumbWind’s SnarkySharp T-Blow meShirts of which 1/2 of them have already been banned from appearing on my Facebook Shop.  sleeper state parkMost of the designs will be custom, local graphics with places around Michigan’s Thumb that you can’t find anywhere else. The high-end shirts are “Made in the USA” and everything is printed by a small company in Iowa.

So come in and check it out. I intend on adding new designs weekly and will begin adding other items as our experience grows. If you have an idea for a product please reply and let us know your thoughts.

Officially its opens tomorrow at 6am but for my blog buds its open now to creep around in.  Just lock up when you leave.



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