New Radio Station for the Thumb

img_0493The Upper Thumb is a wonderful environment for creative talent. Some folks come to retire to the beach, others open t-shirt shops, some even open an Art Gallery. One man is following his passion by starting his own streaming radio station. A few weeks ago, Paul Triplett founded Sand Point Radio, the first Internet Radio station in the Thumb. Sand Point Radio is a streaming broadcast available only on the Interet. Is one of thousands of sites offering an alternative to AM/FM broadcast radio.

Paul noted, “I started it because I’ve always wanted to program a radio station and play my favorite music. I’ve always been inclined to alternative music since the 1980s when MTV first came out playing music that we never heard on mainstream radio.” The format of the station that Paul is following is called Adult album alternative is a spinoff from the album-oriented rock format, its roots trace to the 1960s and 1970s from the earlier freeform and progressive formats. “My friends & I would always get a kick out of the clerk’s reactions at the local record store in Mt. Pleasant (CMU) when we would want buy stuff they’ve never heard of. Now alternative is becoming a bit more mainstream and we hear more and more of it even on WLEW from Bad Axe.”

What’s the future of Sand Point Radio? Paul added, “Eventually I would like to add more local content as far as weather, local happenings and some quick local ads. All would be in 15-30 seconds or less so I don’t interrupt the flow of music too much.”

Click on the image link below to listen in. I think you will be impressed.

Sand Point Radio


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  1. Congratulations Paul on a great achievement! May you broadcast for many years to come! May I suggest another daily radio highlight broadcast from Bad Axe: The Old Goats Net presented by the Lake Huron Amateur Radio Club. If you have a scanner or other radio that receives the 2 meter ham band, tune in between 8:30 and about 9:15 am on 145.97 MHz FM. It’s a great get together of old friends and has been on the air for over 40 years. Great fun! Karl Zuk N2KZ Katonah, NY and Port Austin, MI

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