DTE on Wind Taxes : “Appeal Each One!”

“There’s an Appeal for Every Turbine”

That’s the statement made to the Huron Daily Tribune from Scott Simons, of DTE Energy Media Relations. DTE Energy has filed more than 60 appeals for wind turbines in the Michigan Thumb Wind parks in Huron Gratiot and Sanilac counties. Exelon Wind has filed 74 tax appeals.

These actions seem to have caught county commissioners and local tax assessors flat footed and into a state of “shock and awe” as the large businesses and utility companies aggressively pursue tax relief. “The fact that all these developers went to the tax tribunal to fight the taxes that assessors put on them indicates that they reneged on their promises,” Huron County Commissioner Ron Wruble told the Huron Daily Tribune. “..and those are promises they made to the people of Huron County.”

Michigan Thumb counties could lose out on $100’s of thousands in tax revenue. It reflects yet another example of buyer’s remorse as Huron County is turned into a Green Energy Industrial Zone.



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