Voters Say “No More Wind Projects” in Meade Township

no_wind_400x400Huron County Michigan has the largest concentration of wind turbines in the state. Voters in Meade Township have had enough. Despite a door-to-door campaign by wind developers and DTE, residents defeated a measure that would have allowed 58 wind turbines to be developed.

Unofficial results posted by Huron County show 147 YES votes with 222 NO votes. 100% reporting.

This marks a significant set back for wind development in the Thumb and in Michigan. Wind farm developers were hoping to use the wind farm project in Meade to achieve a Michigan goal of 10% produced energy with renewable resources.


One thought on “Voters Say “No More Wind Projects” in Meade Township”

  1. Thank you for all your visits … can’t lie, i was surprised by the negativity to wind by voters. My first thought was Fossil Fuel or Wind so, i will be reading the next few articles you have listed re: wind turbines


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