A Prudent Pause to Huron County’s Wind Development

NugentToday’s stunning moratorium on new development of wind power in Michigan’s Thumb may give pause to other projects in the Great Lakes region. The leadership that John Nugent and the rest of the Huron County commission enacted will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on other wind projects underway in the Great Lakes and Ontario.

Concerns over setbacks, obsolescent technology and health concerns will pause the rapid proliferation of wind turbines in some of the more remote and environmentally vulnerable regions around the Great Lakes. It offers a opportunity to assess long term impact to the community and to develop a sustainable approach that will benefit the region as a while.

Six months is not a long time. This group will have to work diligently to craft a new ordinance that meets needs of the citizens of the Upper Thumb and the energy demand s the regions face. .


What do you think?

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