Why do we Have Fisheries Scientists?

Fishery management by Ontario and the Great Lake states coordinated efforts of respective DNR agencies is under increased pressure by special interests. Resorts and some commercial operations want less diligence in the protection of native species such as lake trout and whitefish. It’s an international concern as Canada and the United States must cooperate in ecosystem management. Here is interesting take on emergency measures taken by Wisconsin.

Dr. Derek H. Ogle

The Guardian recently posted an article entitled “Fishing quotas defy scientists’ advice” with a caption on an introductory picture that reads

“(t)he 2015 quota for cod is to rise by 5%, though scientific advice suggested it be cut by 20%.”

At the bottom of that article are links to previous articles entitled “EU Fishing Quotas Defy Scientific Advice, Say Conservationists“, “European Fleets Flouting Deep Sea Fishing Quotas, Study Says“, and “Should Ministers Submit to Scientists on Fishing?

At first glance, this may seem like an EU problem.  However, it is a global problem as witnessed by my recent post on “Politicking Bluefin Tuna” (one only need to search on Bluefin Tuna regulations to find a host of examples where scientific evidence has been dismissed and ignored).

Surely it is not a local problem, though.  A quick read of my recent…

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