Caseville Harbor – A Late Season

It kind of sad an a bit lonely to be one of the last ones out of your slip in the Fall in Caseville harbor. Last year we were one of the diehards with ice beginning to form a weekend or two after we got our sailboat out of the water. This year with the schedule tight we decided to get on the hard at the end of September. It was tough. It symbolically ended the opportunity to get out on the water and we knew that the summer was really over.

Here is Caseville Harbor the last weekend in September 2014.

Mariners Cove Marina
A lonely slip at seasons end.
A lonely slip
Taking a Good Old Boat out for the season
Bay Port Fish Co. Ice House
The Old Bay Port Fish Co. Ice-house
One last run on warm September day.
Nets on Deck for Whitefish
The Bay Port Fish Co. Argo
Huron Yacht Club
Beach Toys all Stored.
Beach toys racked for the season

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4 Responses

  1. Love the pics of boats on the glassy water– beautiful…

  2. Hannah says:

    Always a sad day when the boat comes out of the water! My family took theirs out last weekend too. It always reminds me that winter is around the corner. Beautiful pics!

  3. mfs686 says:

    Always tough to put the boat away for the winter.

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