Beach Bums and Democracy

For those of us in the cool shelter of our Great Lakes, here is a blogger who literally is on the front lines of a major world event.


It’s amazing the amount of love and safe wishes I have gotten this past week from family and friends due to the protests happening in Hong Kong, and as much as I appreciate it, I am not the one who needs it. For those who don’t know, Hong Kong is currently home to a movement called Occupy Central and something more recently labelled the Umbrella Revolution. Now, I don’t claim to know all the sides of this, nor do I claim to be a pro on the topic. I am far from it. What I do know is this. Hong Kong and China exist in something that they call “one country, two systems.” This means that when the UK handed Hong Kong to China, the main government in Beijing allowed Hong Kong to have certain freedoms that are not allowed for mainland Chinese people.

These rights include things such as…

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