Senator Coppola calls for a “Great Lakes Environmental Restoration Act”

The Buffalo Chronicle

If he is reelected to the New York State Senate, retired Senator Alfred Coppola is pledging to introduce the “Great Lakes Environmental Restoration Act” (GLERA) to address several ongoing threats to the Great Lakes’ ecosystem.

“There is no greater natural resource on this continent than the Great Lakes. In the absence of a bold, bi-national strategy that addresses runoff contamination and non-point source pollution in a serious way, then we must provide that leadership at the State level,” Senator Coppola says. “So today, I’m pledging to introduce legislation that takes the decisive action that this situation demands.”

“We can’t wait for other States to act. We need to take the first move, and then drag them along,” he insists.

Coppola’s pledge comes months after pollution near Toledo, OH shut down that city’s drinking water infrastructure for several days. Algae plums have consumed the Western corner of the Lake.  Agricultural chemicals, from pesticides to livestock feces, are to…

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