Farm Bureau Freaking Out On Proposed EPA Regs

The Michigan Farm Bureau is organizing a consolidated effort to shield it’s members from being held accountable for pollution in the Great Lakes. This summers total shutdown of the Toledo water system due to farm and sewer runoff has put the issue front and center in the minds of lawmakers and consumers. The Environmental Protection Agency is stepping in to expand its scope to include the rivers and inlets that lead to United States waters, including the Great Lakes. The prospect of this new accountability has factory farms and the Farm Bureau scrambling for cover as farm activities has been clearly identified as the prime contributor of the cause of the deadly blue-green algae that shut down Toledo’s water system.

Michigan’s Candice Miller threw her support to the Farm Bureau on the issue and publicly stated that she thinks the EPA is overreaching. However she has no answers as to what do do to prevent a similar catastrophe, like what happened in Toledo, from affecting Michigan’s Great Lakes. Lake Huron supplies fresh water to Detroit, Flint, Bay City and Saginaw regions. It could be a public health nightmare should this regions water supply suffer the same fate as Toledo.

Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay was identified as a Region for Concern by the EPA. Toxic algae blooms were visible from Noaa satellites in space.

Manure spraying on fields.


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  1. Actually I was a bit miffed at Candice Millers lack of seeing the connection of farm runoff and the massive algae blooms in Lake Erie. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Miller has alway’s been backed by the Farm Bureau so why would you think she see’s a connection? (CAFO’s) (Wind Turbines)

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