Sustainability in the Hen House

There has been extensive coverage about urban farming over the past several years. In fact several states and cities have relaxed regulations to allow small scale urban farms in order to encourage local sustainable practices. Hantz Woodlands in Detroit is using vacant land in downtown Detroit to grow Oaks, Maples and other prized hardwoods in the city. Groups such as the Urban Farming Initiative are a non-profit group that looks to utilize vacant land to encourage job growth and provide locally grown food using sustainable practices throughout metro Detroit. This practice is growing and looks to be encouraged by the opBlue_Andalusianening of local farmers markets in many metro areas.

One entrepreneur is taking the sustainable concept to the next step. Heather van Wolf operates Honey Hollow Farms whose mantra is “Species Conservation, Organic Eggs, Compost, Beekeeping and Exotics”. Heather specializes in the conservation of several species of endangered poultry. Heather’s Hatchery has many varities including the critically endangered Blue Andalusian and Black Sumatra chicken and Ancona duck. Fertile eggs are available for sale to breeders through Amazon and Ebay. Other products are also in the works such as Black Bear Delight honey

Heather’s website was just launched last week. It’s worth checking out if you’re a breeder or a prospective backyard farmer


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