2014 Shanty Days Caseville

2014 Shanty Days Logo is Tacky and Tasteless.

2014 Shanty DaysI can’t believe that the entire Caseville Chamber of Commerce raised their hands in unison in support for the 2014 logo for Shanty Day’s is of a snowman pooping ice cubes. What were you thinking?

The author of Thumbwind.com is no prude. I was a frat boy in the 80’s, and love the tongue in cheek, double entendre slogans and images. However in this case I gotta say I’m not going to spend a dime for a sweat shirt or hat with a logo depicting Frosty the Snowman taking a dump. The creep factor is huge.

Potty humor is absolutely hysterical….for a third grader. Caseville Chamber you laid a turd all right. You portrayed a fun winter time event with an image to toggle the gag reflex. Please don’t screw it up for Cheeseburger.


5 thoughts on “2014 Shanty Days Logo is Tacky and Tasteless.”

  1. If I may I would like to say, I condemn the promoters of the Shanty Days festival for forgetting that the Shanty Days were to create a winter activity for family enjoyment and to bring people up to Caseville to break the monotony of winter. The insertion of immature imagines (Logo) just shows that there’s an appearance that society wants to rid youth of the innocents that is their right of life’s experiences. If people are disappointed as I am to the immaturity shown then please write your concerns to the City of Caseville, the Chamber of Commerce and Promoters of the Shanty Days Festival. I believe that the City of Caseville does not deserve the black eye the Shanty Days Logo for 2014 created. I also hope that the local media will take note.


  2. Well guys and gals… My crew that goes with me.. My wife, sister and brother in law, niece and boyfriend thought it was different and funny, lighten up a bit.. We went up this year 2015.. Well they canceled it on the 14th week end and we called it Freezing For No Reason.. We stayed but it’s just to bad they couldn’t have canceled sooner because we can’t make it back up there on account that we had to get dog and child sitters for the weekend..A lot of the people that I know that go can’t go back either…Remember folks this is a winter event!!! We know that, do you.. This was out 7th year going..😁

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