Clipping Coupons and Sustainability

I was facing a long drive from Detroit to Cincinnati last week and was looking for some interesting podcasts to pass the time. On a whim, I downloaded several podcasts called The Frugal House by writer Jenny Martin. Her general theme is saving money by clipping coupons and avocation of a simple, “frugal” lifestyle coupled with technology to enable a household the ability to stretch their dollars.

The Frugal House

Clipping Coupons

One podcast called The Frugal House – Getting Started & Saving Money with Backyard Farming gave tips and tricks on clipping coupons and creating a back yard farm in an urban setting. She interviews author Angela England whose recent book Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less), points out that our current use of corporate farming is unsustainable in the long run. The message is to buy local and raise your own. Angela also authors an active blog called Untrained Housewife.

Jenny’s web site is called Southern Savers. The site is dedicated to providing resources for families to save money using both technology and digital couponing. Both of these Internet authors present a unique and technical twist to domestic living that is worth a look.

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