Big Shake Up in Lake Township Post Election

Lake Township Politics in 2012 Lake Township

Lake Township in Huron County Michigan has made headlines for years has the tinderbox for progressive vs. conservative politics in Michigan. Reporter Nch Wolak details the event following the recent election at:

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3 thoughts on “Big Shake Up in Lake Township Post Election”

  1. I would take issue with your characterization of Lake Township as a “tinderbox for progressive vs. conservative politics”. Although admittedly my own participation in township issues extends back only over the better part of a decade, my impression is that the recipe in Lake Township mostly includes mundane issues of mostly local interest liberally seasoned with the usual ignorance, gossip, and bitterness that universally afflicts our species, all served over the past 4 years on a plate of prevarication, cronyism, and corporate interference by the Smith-Bushey-DTE nexus. As evidence for the role of ignorance,etc., may I offer several of the (anonymous) comments from the Tribune article you link to. You need read no further than the first, by someone calling herself ‘peter4’, to find the perfect example of my trifecta. While ‘peter4’ offers much idiocy to salute, it’s her complete and total ignorance of the election process that is most impressive. Noticing the machine-gun like use of exclamation points, and trying my best to give a charitable spin to the empty-headedness that ‘peter4’ is proud to share with us, I thought that maybe some of the cough syrup she clearly swills while cruising the internet spilled on the keyboard, gumming up that one particular key. Then, however, I remembered the clownish activity on display from the south side of the room at Monday’s meeting, and sadly realized that is in fact just who ‘peter4’ (and more than a few of her peers) is.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for your comments. You made some excellent points. I think the real story is that out of all the Townships in Huron County, Lake Township gets more than its share of the HDT press coverage. It’s interesting and makes for entertaining reading.

    1. I appreciate your appreciation.
      Like I wrote, I didn’t take a particular interest in township government until relatively recently, so a lot of the gossip and grudges may well precede what I’ve heard and seen. But it’s my perception that most, if not all of the present acrimony is a predictable (if you’re familiar with what has occurred in other communities) result of the turbine issue and the efforts that some of us have made to insure that if or when the comically misnamed ‘windfarms’ (coined by the same oxymoron factory that’s produced such nuggets as ‘right to work’ or ‘fiscal cliff’) come to Lake Township, it’s only with some sensible zoning that protects the local environment and the property values of non participants.

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