Michigan’s Gov. Snyder Vetoes Concealed Gun Law

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Michigan‘s Republican governor Rick Snyder vetoed a controversial gun bill today that would have allowed concealed weapons in schools. The Michigan House of Representatives  passed the bill late on Thursday in a 68-41 vote. The Senate approved it 27-11. It was one of the last bills passed during an especially busy lame-duck session. Both Michigan houses are dominated by Republicans.

In the wake of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut drew national attention to Michigan’s proposed law. Many questioned the legislation and whether schools, day care centers, stadiums and churches will be safer if people are allowed to carry guns there.

Thumbwind had asked the sponsors of Michigan Senate Bill 59 Michael Green , Thomas Casperson, Phillip Pavlov, David Robertson, and John Moolenaar for their views on support of this legislation in the wake to the Connecticut shootings.


4 thoughts on “Michigan’s Gov. Snyder Vetoes Concealed Gun Law”

  1. I hardly know where to begin in commenting. So Rick Snyder has decided to veto the expanded gun carry legislation. The “one tough nerd” has again folded to pressure. At least this time it’s from the people he’s supposed to serve. Last week he caved to the Koch Brothers & Dick DeVos in signing a series of hideous bills to slam unions, emasculate schools and push women back 60 yrs.


  2. For those of us who live in the Caseville area, we’re appalled (tho not surprised) that our state Senator Mike Green was sponsor of the gun legislation. (From redistricting we now get equally challenged Phil Pavlov, a co-sponsor, as new Senator in January.) I’ve heard Green at two public events & was horrified by his ineptitude. It’s time to call on the responsible & sane to run for state office. Start planning now! Please.


    1. We wrote all of the Senate supporters of the bill and gave the opportunity for each to comment. We received a direct response from State Senator Mike Kowall R-White Lake who wished to talk to us directly on his. Our schedules did not sync up but the veto by Gov. Snyder made any further responses a moot point.


  3. Michigan’s Republican governor Tuesday vetoed a bill designed to expand where people could carry concealed firearms in a sign of how the mass shooting in Connecticut is shaking up politics around the country.


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