Open Letter to Sponsors of Senate Bill 59 (Which Would Allow Guns in Schools)


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6 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    It isn’t gun owners, but people with Concealed carry permits that will be allowed to be armed in these previously restricted areas. These people are law abiding citizens that have completed range training, class room training, & passed the Federal background checks. When a disaster like Conneticut happens an armed parent, teacher, or adminisrator could make a very big difference in reducing the size of the tragedy.

    • ThumbWind says:

      Excellent point. The question is should all teachers be armed? Is that the solution?

    • Bob Siver says:

      Or not. Everybody with a CCW permit seems to think they’re going to respond with the aplomb of Dirty Harry when the s__t hits the fan. Guns suitable for concealed carry can be somewhat accurate from short distances when shooting at paper targets under no-stress conditions, but the equation changes when someone with an AR-15 is spraying bullets you’d rather didn’t hit you, particularly when that person is wearing body armor like the shooter in Colorado. Under those chaotic conditions (screaming people running in as many directions as there are pairs of legs, deafening gunfire, and in the case of Aurora, smoke), a frightened and panicky CCW holder is more likely to respond like Barney Fife than Dirty Harry, becoming just another source of lethal fire to everyone and anyone. And good luck when law enforcement- or another CCW holder- shows up and sees you with a gun at the scene of a shooting, if you are lucky enough to be the last man standing.

  2. Piracetam says:

    New Jersey passed a law in January, effective as of September, requiring anti-bullying policies across the state’s public schools. Known as the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights,” the law is said to be the toughest piece of anti-bullying legislation in the country .

  3. To the Editor: On behalf of the 1.5 million members of the American Federation of Teachers, including the 35,000 members of AFT Michigan, we ask Gov. Rick Snyder to veto Senate Bill 59, which would rewrite Michigan’s gun laws to permit persons to bring concealed firearms into schools, college dorms, churches, hospitals, bars and sports stadiums.Firearms have absolutely no place in our schools. The tragic massacre Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School is a chilling and heartbreaking reminder of this.Twenty innocent young children have been robbed of their lives, many shot multiple times.Six public servants, who were trying to save these children, were murdered in an environment that should be considered a safe sanctuary for students, educators and school visitors.

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