Climate Change, Technology and the Loss of Civility

Saturday Afternoon Musing

It’s December 1st and I’m listening to no less than 3 lawn mowers running in my neighborhood in the suburbs north of Detroit. I refuse to participate. I’ll admit it’s tempting to neaten things up a bit but somehow the idea of running a lawn mower in the same month as Christmas at this latitude strikes me as wrong. What is going on?

Great Lakes Water Levels

I read that up to 30 small harbors in Michigan may not be able to open next year due to low water level on the Great Lakes. The Caseville harbor is about 18

Channel Buoy Aground at Caseville Harbor
Channel Buoy Aground at Caseville Harbor

inches away from being worthless. When we were up for Thanksgiving I noticed a large crane at the Huron Yacht Club (HYC) staged for dredging. The water was below the break wall at the HYC and some portions of the wall at Hoys Marina are in danger of being undermined because the water is no longer holding up the wall. I seriously wonder if we will be able to get Trillium (A 27’ Catalina Sailboat with a 4’ keel) out in the spring.

Caseville Harbor The Detroit Army Corps of Engineers released a report yesterday that confirmed my worst fears. As of now we are matching the low water point in Lakes Huron-Michigan that was last set in 1964, 48 years ago. What are worse are the projections. If true, we are guaranteed to fall below the low water mark record through April 2013. If there continues too little rain and snow then the situation could easily get to the point where no boat drafting more than 3 feet will be able to use a slip in Caseville. I’m sure that the same situation is at Port Austin and Harbor Beach.

 Climate Change and Relationships

IIts the 1st of December and its 52F. When I was 10 years old in 1974 we had almost 2 feet of snow fall in Detroit on this date. That was the second-highest snowfall ever recorded. The dads in the neighborhood all piled into a Pontiac Bonneville to make a beer run and the moms made chili and toddy’s and gathered at the house at the end of the street to sled on their huge hilly driveway and otherwise goof off. Now-a-days the weather would never deliver such a break and I would still be expected to login remotely and do a day’s work via Internet and  cell phone. Have we lost some of the civility with climate change and technology?


5 thoughts on “Climate Change, Technology and the Loss of Civility”

  1. You should see all the huge boulders exposed in the bay just a few miles NE of Caseville. Never saw this in 1964, the still “recorded” lowest water level year. This is crazy. Barren expanses of sand & stone in the bay like I’ve never seen.


  2. Lot’s of people still won’t believe in Global climate change. The melting of the Arctic and Antarctic, and Greenland doesn’t convince them. The pictures from space showing the rapid yearly changes doesn’t convince them. The predictions from the computer models that tell about droughts, and floods and a drier than normal, Mid-west, which all seem to be coming true doesn’t convince them. Don’t know what it takes. Too bad Bush didn’t tell about it instead of Gore, maybe then they would believe it. If all the politicians believed it, they might do something to slow it down.


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