NMU Student Study Shows Michigan’s Proposal 3 May Lead to Deforestation

(Developing) Marquette Michigan –  Northern Michigan University undergrad students doing research on the net effects of Michigan’s Proposal 3, up for vote during the 2012 election, found some surprising effects. The Proposal tagged “25% by ’25” has aggressive targets for renewable and bio-fuel production in Michigan. In order to achieve these targets the raw material required may exceed the current supply of bio-fuel producing resources such as waste materials, agricultural field cuttings and debris generated from logging. The net effect would be to turn to forest products particularly Aspen which is common in Michigan and quickly matures. However the available raw forest materials are estimated to be quickly depleted as the consumption of fuel is anticipated to grow through the next decade. Students note that many forestry operators may refuse to participate as it would deplete long term supply of higher grade timber and wood pulp product which is at a premium.


2 thoughts on “NMU Student Study Shows Michigan’s Proposal 3 May Lead to Deforestation”

  1. Talking about energy, check the Wed. Oct 24 front page story of the Huron Daily Tribune, “Boom Town” of all the leases being sought for oil &natural gas (translation: hydro-fracking) in the Thumb. Sanilac County & Tuscola are being swamped w/ requests. Starting in Huron County too. “When does the greed stop?” Perhaps when we can’t drink from our Wells or even bathe from them. Sanilac is starting info meetings among alarmed citizens.


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