Lansing Watch Dogs Noted Wind Separatist Movements in Lake Township

Mike Hardy

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  1. HuronBlueJay says:

    Glad to see wider attention to the mess here in Lake Township. There was a time I thought wind energy would be a plus for us. Then I saw the potential for abuse by the powerful utility companies and heard them lie to my face when I was on a Lake Township zoning board. Also saw them literally wine & dine area landowners and stonewall any. reasonable resident and wildlife protections. Sad that in practice big business runs it all and locals are used.

  2. ThumbWind says:

    We have heard that Fox News has been alerted to this story. However we have not been contacted and cannot confirm.

  1. July 18, 2012

    […] Lansing Watch Dogs Take Note of Wind Separatist Movements in Lake Township ( […]

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