The Problem With Beach Easements

Lake Township Wipes Out Beach Easement Zoning

Lake Township, Michigan. Feb 22, 2012 – Despite pleas from local residents and numerous letters from seasonal owners, the Lake Township Planning Board struck down an ordnance put in place in 2008 that has served to place usage restrictions on private easements. The ordinance served to restrict the number of boat hoists on private beach easements and prevent storage of boats, hoists, docks and rafts during the winter months. Local property owners lobbied for the restrictions in 2007 because beach easements  were crowded with hoists in the water and becoming dumping grounds for abandoned boats and hoists from nearby cottages.

In comment and written correspondence to the Planning board there was a public comment of 10 to 3 of keeping Section 1203.4 in place with the beach easement zoning restrictions. Regardless, the board killed  the measure. The  Lake Township Planning board consists of Dave Szumlinski, Dale Hartsell, Jeff Krohn, Paul Golsch, and Gordon Krueger.

Township May Cede Jurisdiction Back to Huron County

Comments by local residents to have hinted that the Lake Township Planning Board may give up its oversight of private beach easements to Huron County. It’s expected that the Lake Township Board will now vote on adopting Huron county’s zoning.  Calls to Huron County zoning board cited county ordinances that prevent storage of boats, hoists, on easements. However there is still an open issue as to the number of boat hoists that may be placed off-shore of a private easement.



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