Thumb State Rep. Kurt Damrow, Port Austin Republican, Introduces Tax Increase on Alternative Energy

Bad Axe, Michigan – Local State Rep. Kurt E. Damrow, from Port Austin Michigan introduced proposed legislation creating a unique tax for commercial wind, biomass and solar systems. This proposal is being reviewed by the Michigan House Committee on Tax Policy. House Bills 5278 and 5279 to create an Alternative Commercial Energy Systems (ACES).

The new tax introduced by Damrow would be the greater of; a yearly flat tax based on capacity, or $4 per megawatt hour generated for sale that year. The minimum tax for any commerical system would be $15,400 a year for one megawatt systems. If passed this would affect small commercial operations occuring on several farms in Michigan.

The bills are viewed as a response to replacement for the personal property on tax wind developments which reduced local tax revenue. ACES would effectively replace a portion of those lost revenues.


3 thoughts on “Thumb State Rep. Kurt Damrow, Port Austin Republican, Introduces Tax Increase on Alternative Energy”

  1. What is the liklihood that the Republican, anti-tax boys, are likely to support a tax increase on anyone. And the liklihood that the energy lobby supporting DTE and others will stand still for a tax increase. Damrow is dreaming. The Thumb will get its wind turbines but local governments won’t get the windfall promised by the energy companies when they bamboozled the county, the local planning boards and the other gullible Huron County folks. The only winners will be the handful of local farmers getting wind lease money—-while the rest of the county becomes the next River Rouge.


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